I am extremely lucky to have found this gorgeous boy who has been a huge part of getting me back on the competition circuit. I found Jools in December 2018 and just couldn’t leave him behind. It hasn’t taken long for Jools and I to get a really strong partnership going and have been doing so well at the competitions. I cannot wait to continue with this gorgeous boy. 




Connemara x Thoroughbred

Bubbles came to us in 2016 for me to use in para dressage. She wasn’t trained as a para pony but has a brilliant temperament and had been doing dressage before.  She looks after me so well and has given me the confidence that I needed to get back to competitions. I feel so lucky to have found her.




I bought Diamanti end of May 2017 to be part of the para dressage team. She has beautiful paces and a perfect temperament. She will be slowly bought on and taught the way I need to ride her with 2 whips and my voice. We are all really looking forward to getting to know Diamanti and introducing her to the para dressage world.





Ebony is my old event horse which taught me so much. We competed up to 1*/ intermediate level before she retired from eventing. She is a very sensitive mare who is now enjoying retirement by being nanny to my youngsters.





Echo is with a rider competing in dressage and show jumping. I evented her before the accident but am no longer able to ride her as she can be quite sharp so would be dangerous for me to ride. I love going to watch her compete and seeing how well she is doing bringing home red rosettes everytime.





Ellie had a short eventing career due to an injury which meant she could no longer be ridden so she is my broodmare. I put her in foal to a lovely young stallion in 2015 and she had a beautiful foal Isla. Ellie is due her second foal in June 2017 which I am very excited for as I put her to a dressage stallion so hopefully the foal will be suitable for me to use in years to come.




Hanoverian x Thoroughbred

I bred Houdini for me to compete in eventing but now he will be going to a very good friend of mine to start his career. Houdini is a lovely horse but has grown very big and strong and isn’t suitable for me to ride. I am really looking forward to watch him mature and start his career this year.





Bella is Houdini’s half sister. I bred her for me to compete in eventing before the accident. Aimee will start with Bella this summer with the basics and next year she will start her eventing career.




Isla is Ellie’s first foal who is bred to event. She is a beautiful young horse with a great personality. She will be starting her career in a few years.





My newest homebred Diego. He is a stunning colt who has started his para training from day 1. He is Eliie’s second foal and she is definitely a lot more relaxed this year. He has a great character and really wants to play with Ellie all the time but she is not interested. We make sure he is fully handled everyday, he is already very good with the electric wheel chair and loves to have a groom.