Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone’s year ended well, and Christmas was spent with family and friends. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am exhausted. I don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions I just hope for a positive year like I’m sure we all do.  I completely spoilt Blossom and Bluebell but I just can’t resist those eyes. It was Bluebells first Christmas and she found it quite intimidating with everyone round whereas Blossom went crazy for it all.

Blossom also had her birthday a few days before Christmas so she was extra spoilt. I even attempted to bake her a doggy birthday cake but I don’t think it was a huge success as all 3 dogs refused to eat it. I will leave the baking to my mum from now on.

It has been a while since I have written on here and I apologise. I won’t bore you with all the months I’ve missed but give you the highlights. So last time I wrote I was still sat in my hospital bed after my operation. Well I am so happy to report that the operation was a huge success! I cannot believe the difference in my body and how much stronger I am. I can also now fit in all my old jeans a lot more comfortably. I didn’t realise how much my body was out of alignment with the hernia and prolapse. All my rehab team have seen such a difference in my stamina and how much more we can ask from it. The biggest difference for me that I have noticed is how much more stable I am riding. I am able to keep straighter and feel my core is actually working. The biggest surprise was when I first got on Diamanti and I was able to go trotting on my own and felt so secure. We all feel my riding has come on so much now that it has been done.

I went on my first holiday to Mexico which was brilliant. I was nervous about the long flight but it was absolutely fine and the flight attendants where so lovely, we even were given a free bottle of bubbles. It was good to have some sun and see the culture. I would highly recommend visiting if you can.

I’ve been busy working with Hobbs rehabilitation giving demos of the Ekso skeleton and getting such a good response and feedback over it. The last time I used it we thought we would give squatting a go with the motors at their lowest setting which we haven’t done before. We weren’t too sure if I was going to be able to do it, but I did. I got so excited as it really made me work. We can’t get the motors any lower, but it gives us an opportunity to really try and perfect the movement and get my pelvis in the correct position which is helping so much when riding. The Ekso skeleton has been getting a lot of interest recently so I was getting quite a few emails and calls about it. BBC came to see me using it and watch me ride as it has been such a huge part of getting back to riding. I also had a crew come out for a documentary. This should be coming out early this year so that is really exciting.

December for me was the most exciting month. I found myself a very special horse called Jools. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have him. He arrived a couple of weeks now and he is really settling in. I have been riding him regularly and the joy I get from riding him is amazing. He really knows his job and gives me such a good vibe. His trot is very different to Diamanti’s, but we are getting there together. I am going to have abs of steel from riding Jools. He does like to show off his Piaffe skills where he gets a bit confused with my whip aids. This will take time for the both of us to learn how to work together but he really does try his heart out. I am really looking forward to taking him to clinics and then hopefully it won’t be long until we can go to a party together.  We need to have some practise with loading into a trailer though. He is getting better, but he used to a lorry so needs a bit of bribery.

Diamanti is going well but she can definitely act her age at the moment, so we still pick and choose which days I ride her. She was a little fresh last time I rode her, but my body managed to work through it. Although she can be a bit fresh she seems to know when I’m on her that she has to be carful. I love how clever horses are.

I’m sure like me there is lots of planning for the year ahead of what training and competitions that are being aimed for. I’m so excited to get out there. We are all really looking forward to starting the year and wish you all a happy 2019 and hope that you achieve everything that you want.


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