Oh the dramas!

I have to say that I am rather surprised that I am still lying in a hospital bed while I write this. It is very far away to what I was imagining last week.

The actual operation went really well once he worked out what he was doing. Ten minutes before they took me down I spoke with my surgeon where we were informed that I was 1 out of 300 people worldwide to have this particular hernia but I was the only one to have the added complication of my liver prolapse. Of course this was a shock and made me and my family a little nervous. My surgeon spoke to a few surgeons that had performed this operation and read up on it as much as he could but basically went in there with an open mind to what he may find.

Once he got through my scar there was a huge hole so he had to do a lot of working out. To make a muscle wall for my side he had to pull my front abdominals over, pull my back muscles round and then my fascia. this was all stabled to then allow Mr Lamparelli to put a large mesh in to seal it all and prevent this from happening again….fingers crossed.

I am always honest when I write my blog and don’t hide anything. This is here to hopefully encourage people but show the good, bad and the ugly. People seem to think it is all fun and games but it is far from that.

Due to this operation and having to put a large mesh in quite tight there isn’t much room for it to stretch, this means that I cannot carry children. I always wanted children but after the accident I had decided that I would use a surrogate or adopt due to the abdominal damage but it is very different making the decision myself to being told you cannot carry a child. I have been very upset over this which does seem silly.

The recovery nurses say I have made a new recovery record. I was the first operation of the day and the last one out of recovery. I woke up in severe pain and they couldn’t seem to get on top of it, apparently I was trying to smother myself with a pillow. They eventually decided to put me on ketamine again. Thankfully the dose they gave me was nothing compared to before so there were no alien appearances. The surgeons and anaesthetist have put the pain down to the area they have operated. This is the level of my spinal cord injury so a lot of nerves there have been disturbed and shocked so don’t know what to do with themselves. In time it should all settle down but sometimes I feel like I have ants running up and down my side which is rather strange.

I Spent a few days on a PCA which allows me to give my pain relief when needed. These were my worst days as I wasn’t mentally prepared for the pain and what it took out of my body considering we thought I was only going to be in for three days. I suffered from panic attacks which can always be quite terrifying for me, thankfully the nurses here have been amazing at looking after me and calming me down.

I am so lucky that I have amazing friends and family that have regularly been in to visit me, at times I don’t think I have had a moment to myself, even Blossom and Bluebell came in so I managed to get a cuddle in the car park.

So I think the plan has been set that I will be discharged by the end of the week. Today I did my first assisted transfer which was very painful but I wouldn’t expect anything less. They have the medication right now it is just getting it into my system at the correct time. We are going to continue to use the hoist with the nurses which does bring back memories from the spinal unit so the sooner I get my strength up and can transfer the better. I am allowed to be in my chair for a few hours a day but no racing yet.

Bring on the next hopefully just 6 weeks of recovery. I hope I am a bit more mentally prepared that this is going to be a lot harder than I initially thought and will take time. The mesh is strong so I don’t need to worry about that being damaged I just need to make sure I don’t push it and end up losing my balance and fall as I am weaker so I will need to accept help with getting in and out of bed, showering and all daily living. I think there maybe s lot of box set binging if anyone has some recommendations.


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