Happy New Year

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New years Eve. I know I IMG_0703am ready to get 2018 off to a good start. We all had a great Christmas, lots of amazing food and drink and spent time with the family. Blossom was completely spoilt by everyone of course. I’m not looking forward to packing away the Christmas tree and decorations, always such a mess and everything looks so boring after.

I am really hoping that I will be back riding again soon. It has been the longest amount of time now that I haven’t ridden since I got back on board and it really is starting to get me down. It reminds me that before my accident I was able to get on so many different horses and ride but now I am so limited for safety reasons and my capability.  Diamanti is back in work so hopefully I will be back on board in a couple of weeks, I am just so worried that it is going to take me ages to get back to where I was. I am still trying to find another horse for me to ride so I won’t be back in this position and to strengthen my riding.

Both Echo and Bella and doing really well with Sophie. Bella is starting to get stronger so hopefully she will start being backed soon. Echo went for a lesson yesterday with Angela Tucker. Apparently she was a very good girl and has been sent back with lots to work on. She has a combined training event on Saturday so I hope to go and watch.  Houdini is apparently still growing which is crazy to think. Im going to have to organise a day to travel up to go and see him. Really hope he will start his eventing career this year which is so exciting.

The horses at home are really starting to grow up. Isla has finally got her big girl pants on and let me lead her from my chair which is a huge step forward. She has always been so shy and jumpy but has really settled down. I think this is all thanks to a new girl I have helping me. Even my little man Diego let me lead him for a few strides!!! I can’t wait for them to grow up.

Soph started a few months ago part time but has really shown she is passionate and loves the horses. All the horses are so settled with her so I offered Soph a full time position. I am still looking for another full time member to join the team. Hopefully then Bella can come home but it also allows us more flexibility when I ride but also we will always have cover as the last few months my poor father and Cameron have been trying to work full time and look after the horses.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.41.21

As I haven’t been riding much it has given me a lot of time to concentrate on my fitness and strength work. I am loving my training sessions, really feel like they are working me hard and pushing me. My core strength is so much stronger and I have really noticed it helping in my everyday day life. Simple things like washing my hair I am able to balance better with my arms above my head. To everyone else it is a natural everyday thing but when your balance is compromised it becomes such a hard task but also could be dangerous. I used to fall back then I could end up hurting myself. Now I am able to do it without falling which is amazing. It is the simple things like that we take for granted.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.52.01

Hopefully next time I write I will have been back on Diamanti and have some fun things to talk about. Really looking forward to seeing the progress in my body and in the horses. Fingers crossed I will be back out competing soon as this is why I do all this work, it is my passion and love.


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