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Wow, what an insane few weeks I have had. I’m not even sure where to start as its been so exciting.

Some of you may not be aware, I have always loved clothes but since the accident it has been a nightmare and can get me quite down. The amount of strops and clothes that have been thrown around rooms is actually quite embarrassing. I’ve been on so many shopping trips but always bring back the same things, leggings or gym wear. I don’t feel as comfortable in the same clothes that I used to and the fit is very different. I came in contact with a wonderful lady called Heidi Herkes. Heidi is a London based freelance personal stylist. She specialises in individuality, diversity and finding a unique style for everyone. We started with a questionnaire all about what I like, who I like, different styles and what I find difficult now I’m in a wheelchair.

Throughout the whole process we were in contact constantly and was well informed about the ideas Heidi had. I went up to London one day to meet Heidi and talk about the different styles, see what colours I suit and a little dress rehearsal. It really made me think how boring my wardrobe is but there is always a positive… trip required!

When the day came for the photo shoot I was so excited. Heidi had booked my hair in at a fantastic blow dry salon, full makeup from her friend who works at MAC (my favourite) and had organised the venue. Heidi’s vision for the shoot was to capture elegance and sophistication in a colonial style setting. The whole day was just amazing and so different to my normal life, I absolutely loved it.

Please visit Heidi’s website and follow her on Instagram.

IMG_0256I had a brilliant meeting with Wings for Life the other day which is so exciting. Wings for life is an international not for profit spinal cord research foundation. Their mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. They fund clinical trials around the world and scientific research. I met a lady from Wings for Life when I went to my friends welcome back party in London a few weeks ago and we got talking. It is a fantastic charity to support and help raise money for as it is such an important cause, we should never give up trying to find a cure for spinal cord injury. I am so excited and honoured to help this charity and look forward to planning events and taking part in events that they have going on.

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On Wednesday evening we finally took part in the Run in the Dark in Battersea park. We had such a fun time surprisingly even though we were running/pushing and being pulled along. I’m so grateful that some of my friends took the time to come up to London and get involved and join the rest of us.  We decorated ourselves with lots of glow sticks and made our way round the park. So many people turned up to take part it was such a good atmosphere. We didn’t all stick together as I do have some super keen friends and Cameron thought he would give it a go to try and lap us (he didn’t!!) We had a very good strategy so I didn’t get pushed and when my shoulder kept buckling Jodie would pull me for a bit so it worked well. My best friend Lauren who is super keen took on the 10K and did it in 1.03 hours, she only decided half way round that she was doing the 10K so that is an awesome time, Well done Lauren!!

We did the 5K in 43m and would like to point out we did overtake some people and didn’t come last….YAY. One of my oldest school friends joined in as well. Thank you so much Sarah it was so good to see you and catch up. Definitely will have to have lunch when we are back in London.



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