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I know it has been a while since I last sat down and wrote about what I have been up to. Can’t seem to catch a breath at the moment, but I love being so being so busy. We are giving Diamanti a bit of a break at the moment as she has been a little flat, her bloods have come back clear so just going to give her some time. She is only 5 and has worked hard since I have had her. Before she we went on a break we managed to take her to Chard equestrian for me to have a go at riding her in dressage boards. She was such a good girl for me and didn’t get phased at all. I can’t wait for her to be back so I can start again. I have some concerns that I won’t be riding for a few weeks and how it may effect me. This will be the longest gap of not riding since getting back on a horse.

IMG_4662My lovely Bubbles has now gone to her new/first home which is amazing. I took her down a couple of weekends ago and she is going to be so happy there. The area is lovely and there are other broodmares there. They have already thought of a thoroughbred stallion to put to Bubbles so it is very exciting. I can’t wait to see her first foal!

I have done another demonstration of the Ekso skeleton at the Savoy in London for Hobbs rehabilitation. I have to be honest I nearly turned round after trying to park for an hour. London traffic drives me crazy. Other than that it was brilliant. It was a technology event and lots of schools attended so it had a lot of interest. The children were hilarious, I was told I looked like Iron man, I was quite happy with that statement. We also did a mini competition on the games that Hobbs had there, it got slightly competitive and was very amusing. Bring on the next show for round 2!

I definitely feel like I am living two very different lives, one side is my horses and riding which is my main aim but I am being given some amazing opportunities. I have recently been involved with a huge project which is being launched officially on the 14th November, there will be a sneak preview on my Instagram (@jemima_green89) and Facebook pages shortly so keep watching. I am also seeing a lady for a photo shoot in London over the next few weeks. I went up for a trail last week to do a style consult and try on the clothing. It was so much fun to talk about clothes which I have always loved but really struggled with since the accident. It seems to be impossible to find comfy, well fitting jeans and adapting my look now in a seated position, things look and sit very differently. I cannot wait to get my hair and make-up done and get in front of the camera.

Some friends of mine had a welcome back party at The Red Bull HQ in London the other night in aid of their return from an expedition that they have just done. Hugo and Ross Turner, otherwise known as The Turner Twins are well known for their world first expeditions. They have just completed The Green Pole, which was 33 days of them cycling over 2,500km to reach the South American Pole of Inaccessibility. They use their expeditions to help raise awareness and profiles of various charities but mainly spinal research as this is close to their hearts after Hugo broke his neck. I was honoured to be asked to be one of their patrons of their latest expedition. I have know Hugo and Ross since school and I am so proud of what they are achieving. If you want to see more of what they do check out their website It was such a fun evening and amazing to watch their video.

I tried out an amazing piece of equipment the other day called an easy stand glider. This is something I have had my eye on and have been so excited to try it. The easiest way to explain it is basically like a cross trainer. I transfer onto it, manually get it to stand so I am getting my standing work but then can dynamically exercise. The stand is much better than in a frame and I get to exercise so I can’t wait to get this. I have also had fitted what I call ‘my granny lift’. It’s very strange having a stair lift in the house but allows me to have so much more freedom and use the whole house. I think poor Cameron was getting fed up of carrying me up and down the stairs.

We have taken the time we normally ride to treat ourselves recently, so Jodie and I went for a lovely facial the other day. It was such treat and so relaxing, we think we may have to make it a monthly thing. I haven’t felt that switched off in so long and not having my phone going off constantly was such a treat. Going to have to make the most of this little break.

We have lots planned over the next few weeks with the launch party and Run in the Dark. We are going to really have to cram in some training over the next few weeks. hopefully we will make it round. Wish us Luck!

Here is a little video of me having a go on the Easy stand Glider.



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