Its all going on in London

Well after doing so many trips to London recently I feel like I am living in the wrong area and need to relocate. Where to start? So Cameron organised a couple of days away for us. It was a lovely couple of days to relax and spend some time together as Cameron has been working away so much recently. The first thing we did was head up the Shard. The view from the top was incredible and it was such a beautiful day so we could see so far, of course made better by some bubbles. Next we headed to Borough market to have a little look around, (also enjoyed a cocktail there) such an incredible place the atmosphere from all the stalls, the smells of the food on offer it was just amazing. We couldn’t buy anything there on the first day as we had dinner reservations so made sure we went back the next day, I just couldn’t get enough of the place. We had a stunning dinner at Marco Pierre-White’s restaurant The London Steakhouse. It was such a lovely meal and a very enjoyable evening.

On the following Monday I had to head up to Stanmore for physio on my shoulder, this is where I had been referred to after lots of discussions of where the best place to treat me would be. The reason why Stanmore had been suggested is because they have a spinal unit and a very good upper limb team so could combine the two to understand the needs of a wheelchair user, spinal patient and shoulder problems. It was such a disappointing day to be honest with you. It takes me a minimum of 3 hours there and back if i’m lucky. The therapist that I saw was very nice and knowledgeable but said on more than one occasion that they had no experience with a wheelchair user or spinal injured patient. This obviously wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I was then sent home to do 3 weeks of ‘shoulder shrugs’ and then told the next appointment would be shorter. I cannot justify the time and cost to travel up there for a 30 minute appointment when my weeks are already so busy. I have been recommended somebody else now a lot closer so hopefully I can be transferred and continue the specific physio a lot closer to home.

Jodie and I then went back up on the Wednesday and Thursday (but Thursday’s appointment is top secret at the moment) Wednesday I was asked to demonstrate the Ekso Bionic ekso skeleton for Hobbs rehabilitation at an Insurance conference at The London Transport Museum. It was really interesting to sit in on a couple of talks including the presentation from the Hobbs team which was about the different technologies there are out there to help with rehab. Technology has come on such a long way and I think it is just incredible what you can now get to help people out. I absolutely love taking part in these events has I get to see so many new things but also get to show what an amazing bit of equipment the Ekso skeleton is and talk about how it has helped me out. It has been such a huge part of my rehabilitation and I don’t know anything else out there that could have me like this has.


In-between all these trips to London I have managed to have some brilliant lessons with Nina, continue with my pilates, do my active physio sessions where I received some acupuncture in my back and neck and move house, its all go here! It’s very strange to be out of the bungalow but it is so much better to be closer to the horses and now I won’t need to keep driving back and forwards. Blossom thought she was very helpful while I was trying to dismantle the bed.

A very good friend of mine Lucie rode Diamanti at a dressage competition as Aimee wasn’t very well. Poor Lucie was really thrown in the deep end having never even seen Diamanti let alone sat on her. They warmed up beautifully but Diamanti was green and was a little spooked by the other horses coming past her. When they entered the dressage boards she went very green and switched off a bit to Lucie’s leg. They got through the test and still scored a respectable score of 67.95% and came 4th. I don’t think I could have asked more from them having never met each other. Poor Diamanti also had to cope with Cameron bathing her on the Saturday and she even let me plait her all thanks to my amazing Mybility wheel chair that allows me to get higher next to her. She was so well behaved for us and on the Sunday to look after her at the competition. Top points for the team I think.

I am so happy to have been asked as an ambassador for Ekso Bionics to support an event called Run in the Dark for the Mark Pollock Trust. The run takes place on 15th November and it is either 5k or 10k depending on what you would like to do. The Mark Pollock trust’s mission is to fast-track a cure for paralysis, which obviously would be an incredible achievement. I will be taking part in the run by pushing round Battersea Park (with help from Jodie when my shoulder packs in). It starts at 8pm and costs £25.95 plus £1.50 transaction fee to register for the run. So if you are free that evening grab your trainers and come and join in, you can even walk it if your not a big runner, such an incredible trust who needs all the support to help cure paralysis.

Jodie and I have already started our training….ahhh.     IMG_4460.jpg

I wish I could say thats it for London but back next week.



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