Trotting on!

It has been a great few days for my riding. We have braved the elements and done some riding in some spooky outdoor arenas which can make me quite nervous as obviously there is a lot more going on. I had a fantastic lesson with Nina on Monday. She can see that Diamanti is softer and is more accepting of the way of going. Now I am more stable in trot and have more confidence with it, she has suggested I start throwing in more transitions and shapes to keep Diamanti interested. This really helped lighten her in front and it put the biggest smile on face, I actually feel like I am able to properly ride again. For me I still have a lot of mental blocks that I need to work through but I think it’s going to be through practise that I will overcome these issues. When trotting on my own with no one around me I get very shaky and I got a little light headed on Tuesday and I think this is because I get a massive surge of adrenaline. Nothing bad has happened (touch wood) it’s just I keep thinking the ‘what if?’ I will just keep doing little and often to get used to it.

Echo did us very proud over the weekend. She won Chard equestrian Coombefield Veterinary dressage championships for the novice and medium/elementary classes. She has been performing so well this whole summer and has proved herself. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as I was at a wedding but my parents went to support Sophie and Echo. I think she will now be affiliated, I can’t wait to continue watching her progress.

I have some very good news about little Bubbles. She will be going to her breeder for them to have as another broodmare. They are a stud and love Bubbles so I think this is just perfect for her. I don’t have the space for two broodmares and felt like she would be perfect at it and will produce some lovely offspring. I mentioned to her breeder what had happened and they wanted her back so I couldn’t be happier. It will be very strange without her and we will all miss her so much. I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am without Bubbles. She really did get me back to competitions and gave me the confidence that I needed.

I have added a new bit of exercise into my usual routine. I am seeing a physiotherapist and working with him doing some more dynamic types of exercise. Im still continuing my pilates, ekso skeleton, and regular physiotherapy but I felt I was missing something as I am still having to avoid the gym. He is very knowledgable and understood my aims. We watched a video of me riding and explained that I want to be stronger in the trot and not lean back. We did a lot of work on a balance cushion to really get my core working and push me. I love it and can’t wait to see how we get on and develop.


I had an really fun session at Hobbs rehabilitation last week. They worked on stretching my back and side while I was standing to help release the tightness I have from all the scar tissue. I have found when riding in the last few weeks my right hip sometimes is more forward and it is where it is being pulled. I also played some interactive games while standing in the Ekso skeleton. This means I have to try and balance and concentrate while my weight is being slightly shifted as I try and play the games. I love being able to do slightly different things as it keeps everything interesting.

We are so manic here at home. I am in the process of moving house so trying to be super organised and get as much done as possible before the end of the month. There is a lot of busy days and going to London for demos of the ekso skeleton and physio at Stanmore as well as trying to fit in my usual so it is all hands on deck but very exciting.

Really looking forward to the next few days. Cameron and I are going away to London just to chill out and have a bit of a break. Cameron has planned it all so I have no idea what is going on, very exciting. Then when we get back its off to Kingston Maurward with Aimee and Diamanti to a dressage competition. Lets hope its another red rosette.

Also I can’t forget to say I have gone a little bit crazy on the Aztec Diamond equestrian clothing. I seem to have various tops, leggings and now limited edition range, I just cant get enough of them. The clothing is very good and so versatile, riding, pilates, physio and ekso skeleton, even Aimee has now joined in. BEST CLOTHING EVER!





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