Going round in circles!

Well first things first, AZTEC DIAMOND EQUESTRIAN clothing is amazing!!!! I cannot express how much I love their riding wear. It is so comfortable to be in all day and ride. The fit is just perfect for me so after the first day riding in it I went straight back online and bought another outfit and will be buying many more. As I bought the leisure wear leggings it works great with my routine as I can do my pilates or physio and then go straight to riding without having to change. Best clothing I have ever bought!

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My riding sessions with Diamanti have progressed so much in the last few sessions. I think Diamanti has finally clicked about the aids that I need to use so it is much easier getting the walk that we would like and so her transitions into trot are so much better and softer over her back.  I also think that I am now more confident to ask more out of her with the whips, I have learnt how to read her and when to back off.  We have started to trot off the lead rein now which is a huge step. The team are still next to me to make sure that if I do lose my balance or Diamanti spooks I am still safe. This is just as a precaution while Diamanti and I get used to being alone and in full control. I need to work out how to stay strong in my back so I don’t lean back in the trot when it gets more powerful. It’s going to be very hard to do this as I have no muscles working in my lower back.

We conquered one of the biggest steps yesterday, we managed to trot a circle!! It may not have been the perfect shape and Diamanti did back off a little but she does this when she is unsure if I am okay. Now I have done one I will have more confidence to ride the circle and keep momentum but I couldn’t be happier.

I had my annual check up at Salisbury hospital this week which was interesting. They would like me to be seen by the surgeon that kindly did my very attractive metal work because of the strange ‘clucking’ that I have been experiencing. It is just to be on the safe side as I do a lot of activities. There are a few question marks to some of the other symptoms I have been experiencing like extreme coldness with goosebumps randomly, headaches which cause vomiting, slightly high blood pressure. These are all symptoms of  autonomic dysreflexia. Autonomic dysreflexia is a potentially dangerous and, in rare cases it can be lethal. It develops in individuals with a spinal cord injury, resulting in acute, uncontrolled hypertension. It develops in people with a neurologic level of spinal cord injury at or above T6 level. As I am level T10 I am not at risk of this condition so this is why it is very strange that I have been experiencing such symptoms so they are looking into this…..the joys of a spinal cord injury, I count myself very lucky that I do not have to worry about this.




I am still making the long journey to Hobbs rehabilitation weekly, alternating between shoulder physio and walking in the Ekso skeleton. I even got to walk outside last time which was lovely but strange. It was such a lovely day so definitely made the most of it. Blossom was very excited to begin with and tried to get under my feet to say hello. Got to love her!

All the horses are doing really well. Echo had a little holiday over at Sophie’s but came back still showing she’s on top form. She went to Chard equestrian and won both her novices tests over 70% in both so i’m very pleased with her. Just to work out the long term plan with her.

Over the bank holiday weekend my brothers held their annual ‘Final throws’ frisbee golf weekend at the farm. Yes it is such a thing and so many people enjoy playing. Its similar to golf just with a frisbee,(Well thats my way of describing it to people). My brothers design the course and love making new interesting holes. My first car is an actual frisbee basket these days. I have never played but I have a very important role these days. Cameron and I drive around in the mule offering out beers and ice creams. Apparently very much needed and loved in that lovely hot weather. Well done boys for another successful weekend.

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I have a few busy weeks coming up with friends weddings, lessons booked in with Nina, usual rehab and hospital appointments. I am heading to London a couple of times as well to demo the Ekso skeleton which I always enjoy doing. I am also visiting Dorchester hospital to talk to some of the children’s physiotherapists and OT’s about my journey and then possibly talk to some of the patients so I am excited to see how that goes.



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