The only way is up!

The last couple of weeks have had some ups and downs, but thankfully it’s all starting to look a lot more positive.



I will start with the sad news.

My little Bubbles who has
done so much for me to get me back riding has had to be retired due to injury. She has an old hind suspensory injury that has flared up and she just isn’t sound enough for me and I don’t want to put her through pain. We have given her over a month off and finally managed to get her scanned and the outcome was to have minimum of a year off. She will be 15 next year and it’s the second time so I don’t feel like it would be fair to try again with her so will be deciding a plan for the special girl. I miss riding Bubbles and she has given me so much confidence to get back competing. She has been so patient and looked after me when we went out. She deserves the best.

So for the positives: I had my FEI classification done at Bishops Burton a couple of weeks ago. My father and I went up the evening before as it was a 5 hour trip there and back and had to be there for 10am so wasn’t going to risk getting stuck in traffic. It also gave us the opportunity to get there earlier to watch some of the competition which was brilliant. For the classification you are tested on mobility, strength and coordination. The most severely impaired go into grade 1 and then it goes to grade V for the least impaired. I scored in the grade 2 bracket which I was already from the RDA classification so I’m very pleased as I can keep doing a bit of trot in my tests. Whilst in there we also spoke about the compensating aids that I am allowed on my card. As standard in grade 2 I am allowed to use my voice, salute with my head only and have elastic bands around my feet to keep them in the stirrups. I have also been allowed to use 2 whips, have a handle on the front of my saddle if  I like, velcro round my thighs and velcro from my stirrup leather to girth. This is great as it may help with my security but I need to get reading the rule book.


I have received some lovely packages recently. My cyclo-ssage was delivered last week!!It is so lovely to use and very easy. I am getting into the routine and really hope to notice some changes soon.  I would like to say am very popular in the household now, my cousins, auntie, brother Angus, Cameron and Aimee have been enjoying it, oh and Blossom who seems to sleep on me whilst I am using it. Today a very exciting parcel arrived some Aztec Diamond equestrian leggings. I have been watching and waiting for them to come back in stock. I have really struggled with finding riding wear to fit and be comfortable so I cannot wait to try these. I will let you all know how I get on.


Riding has been a little quiet over the last few weeks as I haven’t had the team so couldn’t get on Diamanti but it’s picked back up this week which is great. We still need to get more forward from my aids but it’s going to take time for her to understand what I am asking. Although we had a couple of weeks of not much riding it hasn’t set us back but improved us. Once on and have settled in I am now walking Diamanti all on my own which I am so happy about, it just shows the bond and trust we have made in such a short time. Just the trot work to crack and then hopefully it won’t be long until I am out competing her.


Aimee and Diamanti did their first dressage test yesterday at Chard. I was so excited to see how Diamanti was going to be. She was absolutely impeccably behaved I could not have wanted anything else from her. Aimee walked around and just let her take it all in before warming her up. The test was green in places and she sometimes was more interested with what some of the other horses were doing but scored 69.6% and won her class! I was ecstatic! Afterwards we sat around enjoying a cup of tea waiting for the sheet and Diamanti just stood there and fell asleep. This is so important that she can just stop and stand as sometimes with me riding there could be a lot of stopping and waiting so this was exactly what I wanted to see. Can’t wait to get them out again soon.

We had an early start today taking my 4 year old Houdini to start his official eventing career. It’s going to be very strange not having his cheeky character around but I am so IMG_3894.jpglooking forward to seeing how he gets on.

I will keep you all updated on his progress as well as my others and my new riding wear.




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