Neurological rehabilitation Expo

So the last few blogs have been a bit about me and what bought me to writing about my recovery and rehab to get me back to riding competitions. I also feel that I need to be keeping you up to date with what I do currently.


Last week Jodie and I went to the Excel centre in London to demo the Ekso Bionics Ekso skeleton for Hobbs rehabilitation. The Ekso skeleton is an amazing piece of rehab equipment which I use regularly.  I find the use of this amazing equipment so valuable for me to achieve the goals that I have.

I will tell you more about the Ekso skeleton and how it helps me in another blog as there is so much about it and I want to do it justice.

So this an event that showcases products for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical and research applications not only for spinal rehab but for brain injury and stroke victims.

I met my physio Lizzie and had a little walk around the event to have a quick look at what was there before we did the demo. It is always so good going to these events to meet different people and see the latest advances.  Whilst getting set up in the device I always get so excited as I love the feeling of walking around and the feeling of doing exercise. It is such an eye-catching piece of equipment that so many people stop in their tracks, ask lots of questions and follow us around the event.

I walked in total for about 35 minutes and managed 1220 steps which Lizzie couldn’t quite believe. It so different walking at an event than in the rehab facility as I have to concentrate a lot more but its also more testing on my balance as people do just walk in front of you, but I love having to work harder at it. They always have to keep saying to me ”Jemima, do you want a break yet?” I could keep going all day.

After the demo Jodie and I went exploring to see if there was anything of interest for my specific needs. We found a booth that offered The Bowen technique. I had heard of this before and I had one of my horses receive the treatment before so fancied having a little treatment myself. Its very distinctive movements applied at precise points on the body. It is designed to stimulate the tissue and nerve pathways which therefore creates a focus for the brain. Whilst having the treatment the therapist leaves you regularly throughout to allow the body to respond, I have to say it was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time.


I would say to everyone, give this treatment a go even if it wasn’t for you but your horse as Bubbles loved it!



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