The day everything changed.

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So I guess I should tell you about how my life changed and where this all started.
I hIMG_0723.JPGad been at work during the day, ridden my gorgeous horse Echo and then decided to go out with a few friends. So we set off for our night out, when a van travelling in the opposite direction hit us head on while trying to overtake another car; to be honest I don’t really remember any of the accident for which I am very grateful.

My first memory is when I was brought out of coma and heading into the MRI scanner a few days after.  All my family were around, thankful that I was alive after being told there was only a 5% chance of my survival. This was due to how severe my abdominal injuries were as well as a tear in my aorta. The surgeon and his team that performed my first two operations did an absolutely amazing job and the ICU nurses that took care of me during my recovery need a big thank you. Another big thank you goes to the first person on the scene of the crash who kept me alive until the paramedics and fire service arrived.

I wish I could say when I realised that I couldn’t move my legs, but it never occurred to me that I was paralysed. Deep down I must have known as my father has told me that when I came out of coma, one of the first things I said was …’well it will have to be the paralympics now’.



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